The Awards

All the awards are delivered free of charge in electronic format only, via the GMA Network  according to the ELA rules and using the ARLHS reference numbering system for England.

ELA Chaser Awards issued for working:

Basic 10, Bronze 25, Silver 50, Gold 75, Honor Roll 125.

ELA Activator Awards issued for activating:

Basic 5, Bronze 10, Silver 20, Gold 30, Honor Roll 50.

The Lighthouse Challenge

In addition to our regular awards program above, the English Lighthouse Awards “Lighthouse Challenge” runs all year long with great additional rewards and trophies to compete for and collect. Click the image below or use the drop down menu above for all the details.

English Lighthouse Awards – The Lighthouse Challenge

Swl Awards

The only exception to the above is Swl Awards. These can be claimed in the same increments as chaser awards but only by email to

You must provide us with the following details. Your Swl callsign, the activators callsign, the activators ENG lighthouse reference number along with the date and another amateur radio callsign of the station the activator worked at a specific time in utc. For example a Swl ‘Basic’ Award claim will need 10 log entries emailed to the above email address with the details stated.

Only Swl awards claims with all the above details will be considered, if any of these details are missing from a Swl award claim it will be disregarded. If all the information required is present and correct when the logs are checked an award will be sent in a reply via email.

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