The Awards

All the awards are delivered free of charge in electronic format only. Use the following link to check your scores and claim your new awards via the English Lighthouse Awards Claim Service.

How To Apply

Simply enter your callsign, check the hunter or activator box, enter the security code (case sensitive) and submit. You will be presented with all the references you’ve already worked/activated including which awards you’ve already claimed and if you have a new award available to claim. At the bottom of the page click yes if you wish to claim your award/s, enter your name and email and push send. Your award/s will be emailed to you in good time.

ELA Hunter Awards issued for working:

Basic 10, Bronze 25, Silver 50, Gold 75, Honor Roll 125, Brixham Breakwater 150, St. Anthony’s Head 250.

To encourage activity and the re- working of references the “Lighthouse Keeper” awards are available. These are presented to hunters who successfully work the same references 10, 20, 30, 40 , 50, 60, 70 ,80, 90 and 100 times. Hunters must keep track of how many times you’ve worked the reference yourself, by using your awards statistics page, then make your claim via email at letting us know your callsign, the reference number you are claiming for and how many times you’ve worked the reference in multiples of 10.


ELA Activator Awards issued for activating:

Basic 5, Bronze 10, Silver 20, Gold 30, Honor Roll 50, Brixham Breakwater 75, St. Anthony’s Head 100.

To encourage the re-activation of previously activated references, the “Lighthouse Keeper” awards are available. These are presented to activators who successfully activate the same references 10, 20, 30, 40 , 50, 60, 70 ,80, 90 and 100 times. Activators do not need to claim these special awards, they will be emailed automatically when each level is reached. Activators can however keep track of progress on their awards statistics page. The red number after the reference number activated is how many times the activator has successfully qualified the reference.

Swl Awards

These can be claimed in the same increments and the same way as ELA hunter awards. Applying for Swl awards is very simple!

Work with ELA activator stations recording the details in your log. Email excerpts of your log to the logs will be checked and your award/s will be sent in a timely manner to you via email. The information we need from you to fulfill your awards claim is minimal.

1). Your callsign and/or name.

2). The ELA activator callsigns and ENG Reference numbers of your Qso’s.

3). The date and time of your Qso’s.

4). Which award/s you are applying for.

The Lighthouse Challenge

In addition to the regular awards you may also like to take part in our friendly activity week “The Lighthouse Challenge”. Click the image below for details or use the drop down menu above.


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