.ADI Log Uploads

Uploading Logs (Activators)

Activator logs must be uploaded to various places for the contacts to be valid for chaser and activator awards. It would be wrong and very unfair if they were not uploaded because the reference would not be credited to the chasers awards that took the time and made the effort to make your activation a success! You also would not be credited the points towards your activator awards.

Please complete the documented steps below, they are both very important.

There are two steps you need to complete here, the upload to GMA and sending your .adi log file to elaactivator.logs@gmail.com via email. All instructions are below.

How To Upload Your ELA Logs To GMA

Before going any further you must register your own callsign without any /p or any other suffix on the GMA website. Your log must be saved in .ADI format to whatever device you are using, PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet etc.

Make sure you are logged in to the GMA website then navigate to the GMA tab at the top of your screen, from the drop down menu select ADIF Upload.

The Adif log import page will open, enter your activated ELA reference into the Activator Reference field for example ENG 031 making sure you leave a space between the letters and numbers.

Next enter the exact callsign you used on your activation for example M0MJA/P into the My Call field.

You must now click on Choose Log File and locate your Adif log file from wherever you stored it on your device. Select your log file, it will now show in the Choose Log File field, Click OK.

Remember if your activation is valid for more than one lighthouse or is also a Flora Fauna, castle, sota, iota etc you should add these references also explained below.

When the Check Adif screen opens, top right hand side click go to end of log.

At the bottom of your displayed contacts click OK.

The next page will open again at the bottom of the screen click OK.

You will now be on the Check References Page. Enter any additional reference numbers your activation is valid for in the available boxes, up to five references in total are permitted including the initial reference number you added in the first steps, then click confirm.

The Cross Reference pop up will appear, click Close, this will return you to the Check Further References page, click OK.

An update window will now open, click on Refresh Activator References and close the pop up window Triathlon Activator Check. This will return you to the previous page where you must click on FINISHED.

Your log should now be uploaded correctly and valid for ELA and GMA awards.

If you wish to check that your log has been uploaded correctly return to the GMA Homepage, click on the GMA tab, select Logs, Statistics, Awards from the drop down menu then click the red Activator Logs tab at the top left of your screen.

If you have followed the directions properly your uploaded logs will appear.

Finally for safe keeping and for awards claimed via email and swl awards send your .ADI logfile to elaactivator.logs@gmail.com with your callsign and reference/s activated in the subject line of the email.


Courtesy of our friends over at BOS (Belgium Outdoor Shack) please pay attention to your references numbers especially when spotting and uploading your logs! Here is a quick guide to help you. The BOS website has so much more useful information especially for activators so please head over there and take a look around and support the activators from Belgium by giving them a call.

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