Reference Map

The Official ELA Map

Below is the Official English Lighthouse Awards (ELA) map of references. We would like to thank Nick 2E0NAQ for all his help and hard work assisting us in getting this done. For the activators using the “default” map view will allow the user to see if they are located on a National Park or AONB to assist with multi reference activations involving other awards programs.

Questions, queries or for additions and corrections please contact our map manager Nick Barnard, 2E0NAQ via email

*Bright purple markers usually represent “Historic” structures that have been removed, relocated, destroyed or otherwise lost. There may be no image available and/or no coordinates. Positions on the map may well be approximate this does not mean they can’t be activated please see the rules.

Reference List

English Lighthouse Awards uses the ARLHS World List Of Lights for England.

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