English Lighthouse Awards Rules

English Lighthouse Awards are available for free download to participating licensed radio amateurs throughout the world.

We use the ARLHS reference numbering system for all ENG Lighthouses.

Rules: Chasers
Only contacts on or after the 1st of May 2021 are valid for ELA Awards. Awards for activators and chasers will be issued automatically when you have reached the award requirements at GMA here.

Rules: Activators
All activators, you need to be as close to the lighthouse as possible and certainly within line of sight.

However, we do understand and expect this to not always be possible, in those circumstances, you can be up to a maximum of 1000 meters away and no more, still within line of sight. Activators must upload their logs to GMA.
and need to make a minimum of two Qso’s to qualify their log.

Cluster Spots

It’s always helpful for lighthouse activators when they are spotted to the Dx Clusters. In reality this sometimes can take some time to achieve, however there is a tool that can help you. The GMA Outdoor Activity Cluster application can be used for self spotting whilst you wait for the chasers to begin spotting you.

Click the image below and save the application to the homescreen of your device. It will assist you a great deal when activating lighthouses and will enable you to notify chasers where you are and that you are active. The utility is of course very useful for the award chasers too!

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