The Lighthouse Challenge

The Lighthouse Challenge runs every year from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. There are six categories to compete in.

The Lighthouse Challenge Rules:

There are 6 categories of participation

  1. Activators Highest Activated References.
  2. Activators Most Qso’s.
  3. Chaser England, Most Worked References.
  4. Chaser England, Highest Qso’s Total.
  5. Chaser Worldwide, Most Worked References.
  6. Chaser Worldwide, Highest Qso’s Total.


The rules are simple.

Activate/work as many lighthouses with as many Qso’s as possible throughout the year to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in each category. Scores are calculated from the activators uploaded logs on GMA.

Activators are encouraged to reactivate previously activated references in the same calendar year as well as new ones, as all Qso’s count towards final positions in the Qso categories. Like wise chasers are encouraged to work previously worked references in the same calendar year to increase their Qso category scores!

Chasers do not need to upload anything, just check their scores in the league table from time to time etc.

There will be a Lighthouse Challenge plaque/trophy awarded to 1st place participants in each category for Lighthouses worked/activated. Also for the highest Qso count worked/activated in each category meaning chasers can work the same Lighthouse more than once on different dates and bands for extra points credit and that goes for the activators too. Making all English Lighthouse activations valid for everyone throughout the year whether worked before or not!

In addition to 1st placed trophies there will also be a certificate for the winners plus runners up awards for 2nd and 3rd placed finishes in each category. Six plaque trophies and twelve certificates to be won.

Should there be a tie for any placing in the reference total amount then highest Qso’s wins and visa versa if there is a tie for highest Qso’s then the highest Qso’s with the most references worked/activated wins.

Winners will be known in early January of each calendar year and the 6 trophy plaques for the 3 categories, Activator, Chaser England and Chaser Worldwide, will be awarded and sent by the end of January each year.

Good Luck!


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